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Two way train Radio F-747M
will never disappoint you ... Two way train radio F-747M
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radios and accessories, integrated circuits (IC), DIL and SMD chips, TS120/010 transformers, etc...
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We have avaliable free place on antennas masts and in box on Warsaw high-rise building roof on the Dworkowa and Petofiego streets...
Dworkowa Petofiego
Dworkowa & Petofiego
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Poprawna 46A
03-984 Warsaw
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dedicated, two-channel talk recorder
SD/MMC card memory
guarantees the recording of conversations, the signalling...
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dedicated, two-channel talk recorder
SD/MMC card memory
guarantees the recording of conversations, the signalling...
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PYRYLANDIA (Ltd.) is a company with many years of experience in the radio communications sector. We specialise mainly in designing, manufacturing and installing radio communications equipment and systems. Our offering includes a number of proprietary solutions for VHF/GSM-R train and radio base stations, radio communications systems for users including the railway and underground, as well as many other dedicated solutions, also custom-designed to a customer's order.

Our products meet stringent requirements and standards and have received the necessary approvals for railway use as well as the appropriate certificates from: UTK - "Rail Transport Office", UKE "Office of Electronic Communications", CE marks for electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with the new approach directives; they also comply with the RoHs Directive.

Close cooperation with many well-known companies like Kontron, Selex Communications, Siemens (...) additionally drives our development, gives us access to state-of-the-art technologies and guarantees meeting our customers' expectations and ensuring their complete satisfaction.


Pyrylandia Sp. z o.o. has implemented an EN ISO 9001:2002 - compliant Quality Management System for the design, manufacture and servicing of radio communications equipment. Our Certificate No. P 077-01 has been issued by DAS CERTIFICATION Ltd. (accredited, the British unit of UKAS certification).

Our offer includes: - railway two-way radios (two-way radios for radio networks of the PKP - Polish State Railways and the underground) in mobile, fixed (VHF, GSM-R DCF-77, GPS, GSM/GPRS) F-747M mobile (train) two-way radio, F-747S base-station two-way radio and hand-held versions;
- a number of Remote Control System solutions for dispatch Two-Way Radio Networks of railways: F-804, F-804/2, F-804/2/M, (Polish State Railways), the underground railway, power engineering and other professional and civil services;
- antenna masts, supporting structures and antenna systems, measurements, servicing, training (...)

Some of the major recently-completed implementations of remote control systems for radio communication networks of the Polish State Railways include those for the E-65, 139 railway lines with the remote control of base stations from the Local Control Centres in Koluszki and Żywiec, as well as for the E-20 line from the Mińsk Mazowiecki and Błonie Local Control Centres (...). Further systems are under construction, including on the Warsaw-Gdynia section of the E-65 railway line as part of project no. 2005/PL/16/C/PT/001, and other (...)

Our products are bought mainly by railway companies operating in Poland and the EU, like Arriva PCC, Bombardier, CTL Logistics, Cz Loko, Freightliner, Inova, NEB Betriebsgesellchaft, Newag, Orlen Koltrans, Pesa, PCC Rail Coaltran, PKP, Škoda Transportation (...) and other buyers who use professional radio communications solutions, like industrial plants, transport and courier companies, taxi companies, large banks, mines and civilian services (...)» read more «.

Pyrylandia owns and operates the Mobinet Mobinet trunked network based on the MPT 1327 standard, which covers over 95% of the area of the former Warsaw voivodeship.

We provide in-house warranty and post-warranty service of radio communications equipment. Our specialists guarantee the users of our products permanent and reliable support.

We are the distributor of TAIT, equipment and supply communications equipment of well-known manufacturers: MOTOROLA, MIDLAND, ALAN, MAXON, YAESU. » see our offer «

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